Quality in everything we do

Eltronic has developed an effective model for management of processes from idea to the final product. The goal is to ensure full transparency, traceability and operational reliability at a highly structured and well-documented level. This allows us - throughout our entire delivery - to focus on:

  • A thoroughly prepared quality management system and a functioning project model are the cornerstones in our services. Both of the above have built-in procedures, instructions, templates and tools to ensure that projects live up to current requirements and standards. 
  • Full ISO 9001:2008 certification acquired in 2015. Our entire quality handbook with associated procedures and workflows is based on ISO standards. All our employees have full access to all procedures, and projects are completed in accordance with the company’s project model.
  • A high degree of specification in the quotation phase as well as structured documentation during project completion.
  • Customer-specific project management and documentation, where both parts can accompany your procedures, templates, title blocks, test schedules etc. for each individual project.

Safety and working environment goes hand in hand

In Eltronic, we are focused and dedicated on working environment and safety at our own premises and at our customers’ premises. We have an embodied and approved working environment organization, which ensures that all laws and regulatory requirements are complied with. In addition, we constantly update our delivery model to ensure that it complies with international, national, local as well as project-oriented standards.

We only have it as long as we take care of it

We prioritize to care of the environment and we aim to improve our own behaviour in our immediate environment, but also remotely by actively using non-harmful and energy-sound materials. It is important for us that our partners and suppliers focus on the same values and also work actively with the recycling of materials and energy - for the benefit of the environment and the bottom line.

Eltronic’s company domicile is projected and equipped with Genvex installations and solar panels and the house is eco-controlled in terms of water and electricity. Our administration and test halls of course generate very little amounts of waste, but everything sorted and disposed of through certified and approved disposal companies.

We know the importance of quality in all we do

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QHSE Manager

We use our project model in all its phases