Optimize your production with industrial robot solutions

At Eltronic, we have extensive experience in integrating robots and cobots in all types of production environments. We are independent of the suppliers in the market, and we are therefore able to find exactly the solution that matches your requirements and needs. Below, please find examples of the robot solutions that we have supplied.

Collaborative Robot

To increase productivity and reduce repetitive tasks and manual work, Danfoss wanted to remove a manual welding station from their production. Eltronic’s solution was a cobot that could be quickly and easily integrated into the existing production line.

Flex Trim Cooperation

In cooperation with Flex Trim, Eltronic has developed a robotic sanding solution capable of sanding items at a speed 6 times faster than the previous manual process.

Innovative Threading

For a busy production of switchboard enclosures, the Danish company Cubic needed a new threading solution to replace their existing machine. 

Would you like to know how robots can help you increase productivity?

Contact me and let me give you more examples of how robots and cobots can be used to optimize all types of productions without comprising on safety.

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