Qualified Person (QP)

Flexible QP service for release of medicinal products

Specialist approval

To be able to release medinical products for commercial use or use in clinical trials, the products must be approved by a Qualified Person (QP).

Eltronic Pharma Engineering offers a flexible QP service giving you the option of hiring a Qualified Person for a specific task or period of time.

The QP will be named on your authorisation and take over the legal responsibility for release of the product in question

Qualified Person

When to consider the flexible QP service?

  • You only release a few batches each year and the review load is low

  • You need to have medicinal products from a country outside the EU released for sale on the European market or for clinical trials in the EU

  • You are in need of a QP resource for a limited period of time

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Case: Device to medicine

For a product release to a south pacific market, Contura International needed to change the status of a medical device to veterinary medicine. Reduced costs, increased speed to market and a project plan based on GAP analysis and former reports were some of the major requirements. Based on Eltronic’s experience with QMS, LEAN and project management, Contura turned to Eltronic for the GMP transformation of the project.

Eltronic has been appointed qualified person (QP) for the ongoing drug release.

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