We design and build electrical panels at our headquarters in Hedensted

Compliance with safety and rules is a key parameter for us

Customized panels for the industry

We assemble the panels in accordance with current norms and standards.

To ensure that every panel comply with our strict demands for quality when they leave our facilities, the end test is always conducted by another technician than the panel builder. Furthermore, all test documents are saved for complete transparency of the assembly process.

The panels can be delivered in both larger quantities and as single orders.

Electrical panel building

We build:

  • Distribution boards

  • Switchboards

  • Process boards

  • Machine boards

  • Control panels

Installations, PLC and energy optimization are some of our other services

  • Industrial Service & Assembly Competencies (Danish)

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In need of new panels for your production facility?

Please contact me if you are interested in knowing how we can help you update your production.

Email Service and maintenance

Morten Svendsen

Vice President