Data Intelligence Analysis Platform

Decrease Downtime - Increase Productivity

Data Intelligence Analysis Platform (DIAP) is an Industrial IoT platform collecting and visualizing production data in real time. Our secure data analysis application provides you with valuable insights into your production process. The easy-to-use interface includes a changeable dashboard visualizing data in a simple and flexible way.

Uncover your PLC's hidden information


DIAP Management

Connecting DIAP Management to your PLC provides you with a complete overview of the manufacturing process.

Use sensors to focus on the details


DIAP Intelligence

Using DIAP Intelligence, you gain insight into predefined focus areas as the sensors allow you to monitor, analyze and optimize specific areas of interest.

3 advantages of using DIAP

Remote monitoring  Remote monitoring of machine conditions

Alarm management Alarm management and notification

Real-time analytics Real-time analytics

DIAP - a plug&play solution for industrial production

DIAP helps manufacturing companies use Big Data to improve their productivity

Please contact me, if you want to know how DIAP can help you.

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Jesper Rantala

Director Data Intelligence