Automated sanding

Sanding solution increasing speed and reducing costs

Automated sanding with a robot sander from Eltronic is a versatile solution, that gives the opportunity to automate and optimize time-consuming sanding processes for various parts. The automated process ensures a stable production. Production time is optimized but more importantly, time consumption is stable and output quality is uniform throughout the entire production time.

Key components

  • Sanding tool
  • Robot
  • Control system and operator interface
  • Safety
  • Programming

Your direct advantages


The quality of sanding with an automated process is more uniform compared to manual sanding and thus ensures a better basis for subsequent processes e.g. painting, gluing, etc.

Increased productivity

Because the number of man-hours is lowered significantly compared to manual sanding, productivity is increased. The operator will have more time for other tasks in the production.


Once the robot is programmed for specific item, sanding different already programmed items will be fast and easy. Switching between the different programs is easy and there is no need for training operators in how to sand an already programmed item.

Environment, health, safety

The robot sander improves all aspects of the working environment and guarantees a safer workplace without white fingers, static electricity, etc. The improved and automated sanding procedure eliminated the repetitive work characterizing manual sanding. The robot cell operates at a low sound level. An efficient mobile dust suction system that ensures a clean and safe working area can be ordered as an option.

Would you like to know how robots can help you increase productivity?

Contact me and let me give you more examples of how robots and cobots can be used to optimize all types of productions without comprising on safety.


Morten Svendsen

Vice President