We integrate our multi skilled competencies to provide you the right service

Our expertise is your benefit

  • Improved and stable OEE
  • Higher output by making new optimized layout
  • Flexible production equipment enabling fast change over
  • Production setup for mass customization
  • Quality assurance on product and production processes
  • Monitoring and surveillance of production systems
  • Transfer of Big Data into intelligence
  • Operational support and increased productivity

We understand your business to provide the right solution

We strive to understand our customers markets for new products in the first place and market requirements such as “faster time to market”, “shorter lead-time” and “customization” affect the design of the production system.

We prefer an integrated cooperation across product development, production- and technology development as well as supply chain, as innovation often lurks in the interfaces between these areas.

As a solution provider, we challenge your business

We integrate and combine our in-depth knowledge with controls, production IT and production technologies. Also, we cover all stages from concept, design, assembly, commissioning and after sales of production cells or lines.

We offer the following automation solutions:

  • Full scale automated solutions with and without robots
  • Semi-automated solutions prepared for fully automated solutions
  • Packing/handling of large and small items
  • Process solutions and special solutions with different technologies
  • HMI and business intelligence through SCADA and MES applications
  • After sales to ensure high OEE

At Eltronic you can expect more

We exceed the expectations of our customers because we deliver the right solution the first time.

  • We do our utmost to integrate existing standards
  • We deliver robust and reliable automation, meaning high OEE
  • We believe in business intelligence from process and product data
  • We are privileged to have large-scale specialists and project managers in all areas

I am curious to learn more about your production challenges, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Lars Jensen