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Smart Factory Solution is a three-step automation concept for the food, dairy and beverage industries. The concept offers a complete automation of the entire production line using an Industry 4.0 approach.

Reduced costs – improved competitiveness

Reducing production costs per unit while maintaining or even improving product quality and safety is a focus of most manufacturing companies, not least within the dairy, food and beverage industries. Achieving this whilst improving the working environment and the environmental footprint can be quite a challenge. One way of improving the production is by applying flexible IT and automation solutions. Doing this smartly allows the optimisation of processes and equipment creating a more efficient production environment.

Eltronic IT & Automation uses the Industry 4.0-concept as it offers a ground-breaking, product-oriented view on the production process. The approaches and solutions of Industry 4.0 are the basis for the Smart Factory Solution.

The three steps of the Smart Factory Solutions

The Smart Factory Solutions is a three-step application model with an overall purpose of:

  • improving productivity,
  • increasing manufacturing flexibility,
  • shortening time to market,
  • minimising the environmental footprint,
  • enhancing the working environment,
  • and strengthening food safety.

The model consists of Smart Automation, Smart Performance and Smart Intelligence:

Step 1: Smart Automation

The first step of the Smart Factory Solution is Smart Automation. This part of the solution presents a complete automation of the production line with MCC, panels and installation. A Smart Automation solution is an integration of the entire plant as one Smart Factory Automation solution.

Step 2: Smart Performance

The second step consists mainly of a smart box for measuring the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). OEE is a best practice measuring unit for identifying the percentage of planned production time that is truly productive. The Smart Box is a low-price, high efficiency plug and play solution for manufacturing. It includes an online visualisation of OEE and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the production.

Step 3: Smart Intelligence

The third step presents an integration of vertical communication in the production system. Self-monitoring systems, reports of technical problems and preventive maintenance are some of the possible effects of a more efficient and flexible product-oriented system that has been optimised using an industry 4.0 approach.

The criteria of assessment

To be awarded three-star world news a solution need to create or fulfil several of the following criteria:

Contribute to increased efficiency in the production/process.

New epochal technology.

A positive effect on the working environment.

Using digital production technologies.

The possibility for new environmental considerations.

Improved export potentials.

Improved energy efficiency.


Source: hi-marks 2017

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