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In Denmark, our water supply security reaches 99.99 pct., our water standards are extremely high, and we have plenty of groundwater. But we are among the lucky few. The UN estimates that by 2030 half of the world’s population will lack access to drinking water.

Eltronic has joined AquaGlobe as part of our effort to protect the environment. The Data Intelligence Analysis Platform, DIAP for short, can be used to reduce the amount of water resources used and the environmental impact of water waste.

DIAP collects and visualizes the big data of sewage systems. Water consumption and wastewater treatment plants are among others tracked and measure to find potentials for optimization. By detecting leaks and machine malfunctions before they become a critical issue, the use of water can be improved. An improvement that will not only reduce costs but also keep water waste at an absolute minimum.

About AquaGlobe

AquaGlobe creates value for businesses, customers and society by serving as a focal point for innovation and communication of water technology knowledge. The water solution center officially opened on Friday, March 2nd, 2018.



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About DIAP

DIAP is an Industry 4.0 platform designed to fit all kinds of production environments. Immediately after installation, the platform starts collecting data from PLCs, sensors and industrial robots. Using a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can access the data in real-time and gain valuable insight into the details of your production.


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In other news...

14. Sep. 2020

Acquisition of Blaaholm Hard Automation

Eltronic Group is happy to announce the acquisition of Blaaholm A/S and Hard Automation.

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31. Aug. 2020

New group member

Eltronic Group is happy to announce the foundation of a new company - BIIR A/S. BIIR A/S will take over most of the employees and customer contracts in BOJER INNOVATIV INGENIØRRÅDGIVNING ApS and will right from the outset employ approx. 125 employees.

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13. May. 2020

The industry leads the way

We are proud to be part of the video campaign “Industrien viser vejen” created by the Confederation of Danish Industry. In pictures and words, the campaign shows how Danish companies are working hard to overcome the challenges caused by the Corona pandemic.

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