Eltronic Group A/S founds Dynatest A/S

As of 7 November 2019, Eltronic Group A/S has taken over all rights to the range of basic products developed and sold by Dynatest Group. The acquisition includes the global activities within production and service of falling weight deflectometers, road surface profiling equipment and multi-function vehicles.

As part of the acquisition, Eltronic Group A/S founds a new company under the name Dynatest A/S.

Production activities to continue in Denmark

The new company will gather all development and production activities related to Dynatest’s basic product range at the existing production site in Ballerup, Denmark. This also includes the existing production in North America which will be relocated to Denmark.

Dynatest A/S will carry on the existing service activities to the benefit of existing and future customers.

CEO of Dynatest International A/S, Christian Lanng, has the following comments to the new development: “Development and production activities in Dynatest Group have in recent years undergone a difficult process. A process that, unfortunately, has called for a reconstruction of the company. I am happy that we by handing over product rights to Eltronic Group A/S will be able to secure the development and production of Dynatest’s products in Denmark as well as a number of Danish jobs.”

Dynatest A/S will continue to use the website and brand name built within the framework of Dynatest Group.


Eltronic Group brings experience and business know-how

At Eltronic Group A/S, President and owner, Lars Jensen, sees great potential in the foundation of the new company:

”Eltronic Group has almost 20 years of experience with technology development, production and global sales. We look forward to bringing this experience into play to ensure that Dynatest will continue to be market leading and preferred supplier of equipment for preventive maintenance and test of road and airfield pavements also in the future. With the new company, we hope to be able to accelerate both development and sales of the high-quality products that Dynatest has been known to supply through many years.”

Eltronic Group currently employs approx. 500 employees and has a turnover of DKK 580 million. The group consists of a number of specialized engineering companies who all develop, manufacture and sell advanced technological solutions to customers all over the world.

Existing Vice President in the Eltronic Business Unit, Data Intelligence, Jesper Rantala, will be new CEO of Dynatest A/S. Some of the Danish employees will be offered employment in the new company.

For further information, please contact

Lars Jensen, tel.: +45 40 14 56 44

Jesper Rantala, tel.: +45 27 24 60 03

Christian Lanng, tel.: +45 23 23 13 00

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