Lars Jensen CEO

Lars Jensen, President of Eltronic A/S

With a strategy aimed at developing standard platforms, Eltronic will in the years to come supply the market with future-proof industrial solutions that will improve the productivity and competitiveness of their customers.

”We have achieved the highest turnover in the history of the company, although our earnings have been reduced compared to last year. Large investments have been made in a new IT system and in new digitalization software and product platforms. In addition, we have expanded our organization”, says Lars Jensen, President of Eltronic A/S.

Future-proof industrial solutions
Among other products, Eltronic has developed an Internet of Things platform for the manufacturing industry - ”Smart Factory Solution”. By means of data collection and visualization, the platform makes it possible to gain digital insight into the production process. “With the new digitalization platform, we are able to analyze production data. The software learns how to improve productivity and quality in our customers’ production processes,” Lars Jensen explains.

To ensure continued competitiveness, the company will continue investing in product development and mergers and acquisitions as well as upgrading employees’ qualifications. The shared target for all three divisions in Eltronic – Eltronic Wind Solutions, Eltronic Production System and Eltronic FuelTech - is to increase productivity both internally at Eltronic and at the company’s customers by investing in employees and standard platforms.

Investments in know-how
”Eltronic is a knowledge company. Our most important assets are the competencies and know-how of our employees. For that reason, investing in existing and future employees is a first priority to us”, says Lars Jensen.

To strengthen the development of product platforms on a global scale, Eltronic has invested in two companies after closing the fiscal year. Eltronic has acquired the automation company PJD and taken over the business unit Site Solutions from AH Industries.

About Eltronic A/S
Eltronic A/S is owned by Eltronic Holding ApS which besides Eltronic consists of Robotcenter Danmark A/S and TS Tech Eltronic Holding. Eltronic Holding’s main office is in Hedensted, Denmark with branches in Horsens, Esbjerg, Herlev and Aarup. Besides, Eltronic Holding has facilities in Germany, UK and China. Eltronic A/S was founded in 2000 by Lars Jensen. The company started out with 6 employees and has since then grown to employ 251 full-time engineers and technicians in fiscal year 2016/2017. Eltronic achieved a revenue of DKK 369 million and earnings before tax of DKK 14 million in 2016/2017.

Eltronic Holding reached a revenue of DKK 442 million with an EBITDA of DKK 21 million and 298 full-time employees in fiscal year 2016/2017.

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ISO 45001 certification

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