Together with our customers we optimize their production

Our team of specialists works for some of the world's most demanding customers and in close cooperation, we aim to create solutions that really contribute to our customers’ competition power. Typically, we work with automation and optimization of full production lines. However, optimization of small individual processes can also make an important difference. The common denominator is that we develop future-proof production solutions for the industries of the future.

Ideas become real

Eltronic often enters the process in the early idea phase of a project. This is where many important decisions related to the solution integration, flexibility, costs and future-proofing are made. Minor changes of a product can simplify a production significantly and thus both raise the quality and lower the price of manufacturing. This, in the end, means a higher degree of automation in manufacturing, assembly and packing of your production.

Demanding automation demands great solutions 

We are innovative and have many years of experience with the selection and integration of new technologies. We constantly keep an eye on new technological opportunities and we always stay on top of the requirements of the industry and make sure the technologies live up to all requirements. Eltronic has delivered solutions for production, quality control and packing since 2000, which is why we have experience as advisors as well as production specialists.

We take responsibility for the full solution

You do not need a ready-to-use concept and a specification for us to work together. We are also vastly experienced with this part of the process and we gladly help to define the solution as well. We take full responsibility and head the entire project management from specification to delivery of the ready-to-use installation, which is tailored to your exact needs.

Are you looking for new challenges?

We have a variety of technical/ engineer job descriptions at Eltronic. Would you like to join us? Contact us or send us an unsolicited application. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are experienced and know the many branches of Danish industry 

Eltronic has completed a wide and varied range of projects for Danish companies that are all found in the production sector of the many different branches of Danish industry. The width of the sector is reflected in the diversity of our project portfolio. Thus, we have acquired expert knowledge in industries ranging from wind power, petrochemistry, industrial automation and markets in the transport and lifting equipment sector, just to name a few. Our customers often include companies that are considering expanding to new markets.

We study the analysis results to ensure correct decisions

Our experience in the industrial production sector includes both analysis in product development, including concept test and product segmentation. After the analysis work is the possibility of further construction of production equipment, test and commissioning.

The most common types of analysis in industrial production are:
• Product analysis
• Product segmentation
• Target group analysis
• Flow analysis
• Production analysis


With focus on innovation and our customers and their challenges in mind, we design the impossible and make it work.

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