Eltronic is a leading pioneer in Industry 4.0 & Digitalisation
in the Dairy, Food & Beverage and Pharma industries

Eltronic is specialised in developing and delivering innovative IT & Automation solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

At Eltronic, terms such as Big Data, Industry 4.0, Digitalisation and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are not just buzzwords but valuable technologies that we use in our everyday work to provide our customers with solutions improving the efficiency and flexibility of their production systems.

What we offer

  • Eltronic has many years of experience within IT & automation solutions for production systems.
  • We understand the industries we work with and are able to help you meet required standards.
  • We supply solutions improving your production efficiency and flexibility.
  • Persistency is in our DNA. We always deliver the agreed solution - on time and in the right quality.
  • Our 24/7 service support guarantees you optimal performance - also after delivery.

Eltronic Smart Factory Solution consists of:

  • Smart Intelligence
  • Smart Performance
  • Smart Automation

We make Industry 4.0 work for your business

To many companies, Industry 4.0 may seem like a big challenge. To help you demystify the concepts of Industry 4.0, we have developed the Eltronic Smart Factory Solution - an application model which will help you get off on the right foot.

Eltronic Smart Intelligence

The Eltronic Smart Intelligence solution integrates vertical communication in the production systems - from the ERP level with MES and SCADA and on to each individual production unit.

With access to big data and cloud-based applications this leads to new opportunities such as process plants that flexibly respond to requests, monitor themselves and report technical problems and maintenance needs to avoid production stops.

At Eltronic, we help you create the optimal solution to improve the quality, efficiency and productivity of your production system – not to mention the bottom line.

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Eltronic Smart Performance

The Eltronic Smart Performance solution for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) consists of a small standard Smart Box provided with software and machine interfaces as well as WonderWare InTouch HMI. The Smart box is provided with online visualisation of key performance indicators (KPI’s) and OEE of the operation.

  • The Smart Box is a low-price, highly efficient OEE solution for small and large manufacturers
  • Line control and overview of single or multiple machines
  • Display of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with OEE score in %
  • OEE benchmarking and progress tracking to limit waste and improve product quality

For more information about Eltronic Smart Performance, please read below.

Innovative Eltronic Smart Box

The Smart Box is a part of the Eltronic Smart Performance Solution and it is ideal for both small and large manufacturers. The Eltronic Smart Box gives you efficient utilization of your production equipment, registration of manufactured and rejected products and visualization of real-time production data.

Eltronic Smart Automation

The Eltronic Smart Automation concept includes a complete turnkey automation and IT solution with MCC, panels and installation. The process control integrates the entire production line - from raw material intake, formulation and general processing and on to special product processing / treatment and end-of-line robotic handling and packaging. 

The Eltronic Smart Automation solution integrates the entire plant as one Smart Factory Automation solution. From smart instruments, PLC-controlled processing with SCADA and HMI linked with the MES and ERP systems and on to the highest level of IT driven by Big Data.

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Eltronic can help you
improve your production efficiency, flexibility and quality

Working with business intelligence at Eltronic

The dairy, food and beverage industries are challenged by a reduced profit margin per unit. At the same time, the need for food safety is constantly increasing. Therefore, solutions that optimize the efficiency and flexibility of already installed equipment but at the same time increase traceability are therefore in high demand.

With a high focus on the latest IT and Automation technologies such as Industry 4.0 and digitalization, Eltronic can help you increase your return on investment and ensure a high degree of product quality and food safety in your production.

Innovative Smart Solutions

Whether you want an upgrade of your current production system or a completely new IT and automation solution, Eltronic is ready to assist you. Let us bring our specialists together to create high value solutions for your company.

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Claus Sass Hvass

Business Director

Case: Automated production secured optimum flexibility

A competitive price and a safe, hygienic production decide whether your product gain the customers’ favour. A good product is not enough to secure your company’s position with existing customers or to convince new potential customers.

This is the reason why one of Norway’s largest ice cream makers, Hennig Olsen Is, optimized their production with an automation solution consisting of four Delta robots and customized grabbing equipment. This solution increased the output by 25-30 % and the company has been able to reduce the number of employees on the packing line. At the same time, the solution has been prepared for future expansion and, for example, handling of new products or distribution methods.

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