Industry 4.0

We help you demystify the concepts of Industry 4.0

To many companies, Industry 4.0 may seem difficult to get a hold of. Eltronic has worked with the technologies and concepts of Industry 4.0 for several years, and we have developed our own process for a gradual implementation perfectly adjusted to your specific needs.

Implementing Industry 4.0 one step at a time

Start by mapping the current manufacturing processes

To make it easier to spot the improvement potential and find the right starting point, we start by mapping your current manufacturing process - from raw material to finished product. 

Your roadmap to Industry 4.0

When the ideal starting point has been defined, we define a roadmap to Industry 4.0 perfectly adjusted to the challenges and potentials of your production. You will get a complete overview of:

  • where you are today.
  • where you would like to be in future.
  • how to reach your goals.

Industry 4.0 strategy model

The right way to a gradual implementation of Industry 4.0 depends on your current situation and your future ambitions. We use our own model to help define the different stages of the implementation process and visualize the final objective.

Would you like to get started with Industry 4.0?

Based on a mapping of your current manufacturing processes, we help you spot the improvement potentials and get you started with Industry 4.0.

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See our brochure on Mapping of Industry 4.0

Increased flexibility and reduced time-to-market

We have many years of experience working with the manufacturing industry and the concepts behind Industry 4.0. Contact me to hear more about how we can help you streamline and optimize your production.

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Lars Lykken

Director, IT & Automation