Industry 4.0

We help you demystify the concepts of Industry 4.0

To many companies, Industry 4.0 may seem difficult to get a hold of. Eltronic has worked with the technologies and concepts of Industry 4.0 for several years, and we have developed our own models for a gradual implementation perfectly adjusted to your specific manufacturing process.

Implementing Industry 4.0 one step at a time

How to implement Industry 4.0 in your production?

By going through all stages of the 5 areas of our Industry 4.0 Assessment Tool, Eltronic is able to help you bring Industry 4.0 into your production facility one step at a time. 

Start by mapping the current manufacturing processes

To make it easier to spot the improvement potential and find the right starting point, we start by mapping your current manufacturing process - from raw material to finished product.

Your roadmap to Industry 4.0

When the ideal starting point has been defined, we define a roadmap to Industry 4.0 perfectly adjusted to the challenges and potentials of your production. We base any future investments on solid business cases to ensure that you only implement technologies and solutions with a high RoI.

Would you like to get started with Industry 4.0?

Based on a mapping of your current manufacturing processes, we help you spot the improvement potentials and get you started with Industry 4.0.

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Introducing the Eltronic Smart Factory Solution

The Eltronic Smart Factory Solution is a three-step automation concept offering complete automation of your entire manufacturing line using an Industry 4.0 approach.



Our Smart Factory Solution will help you


    Improve productivity

    Increase manufacturing flexibility

    Reduce time-to-market

    Reduce your environmental footprint

    Improve the working environment

    Enhance product safety


 Read more about the concept below.

Smart Automation


The concept includes a complete turnkey automation and IT solution with MCC, panels and installation.

The process control integrates the entire production line - from raw material intake, formulation and general processing and on to special product processing / treatment and end-of-line robotic handling and packaging.

Smart Performance


The second step consists mainly of a data collection platform for monitoring machines and processes as well as measuring the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

DIAP (Data Intelligence Analysis Platform) is a complete solution for the digital transformation of your production. The industry 4.0 platform collects, analyzes and visualizes production data to let you make strategic, tactical and operational decisions based on real facts.

Smart Intelligence


The third step presents an integration of vertical communication in the manufacturing system - from the ERP level with MES and SCADA and on to each individual production unit.

Self-monitoring systems, reports of technical problems and preventive maintenance are some of the possible gains of a more efficient and flexible product-oriented system.

Would you like a more flexible and efficient production?

Several manufacturing companies have already benefited from the Smart Factory Solution. Contact me to hear more about the concept and how we can help you improve your manufacturing processes.

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Lars Lykken

Director, IT & Automation