We innovate to stay ahead of the competition

We combine knowledge from all technologies

Eltronic has a long experience with mechanical technology development, design and documentation. We are a team of competent engineers, construction designers and technicians, who all master the latest tools and technologies like hydraulics, pneumatics, and servo technologies.

We are simply dedicated to develop the right solution for you!

We design mechanical constructions according to your specifications

Solutions are always based on your specifications. Functions are defined, specified and verified in cooperation with you. Next step is to dimension and construct solutions with focus on price, functionality, quality and current applicable regulatory requirements. In case of very complex solutions, we often make a test set-up or a prototype and the results are documented and applied in our further development work. For establishing of our production documentation, we use state-of-the-art 3D tools and review processes.

We ensure the right quality and strength calculation

We perform dimensioning and calculate strength of steel structures, weldings, bolt assemblies and machine elements to ensure construction stability. We provide the right solution with the highest possible strength and the lowest possible weight. We perform calculations and analyses using the latest tools.

Let us help you with technical documentation 

Collecting and writing the right documentation in accordance with regulatory requirements is extensive and time-consuming work. Eltronic is very experienced with analyzing and verification of documentation - with and without 3rd party verification. Our many years of experience allow us to prepare the right documentation and to assess, whether the documentation is sufficient and complies with current regulatory requirements. Documentation can be created from scratch or based on existing documentation.

We perform:

  • CE labelling in accordance with the Machinery Directive
  • Risk assessment, FMEA and ATEX
  • Technical dossiers
  • User and maintenance manuals

Contact us to hear more about how we can help you optimize and simplify your production process.

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