Eltronic is your partner for development

Our concept engineers are experienced in integrated production development - from business idea to full scale manufacturing

The ability to understand our customers' business - from ideation to execution - is our most important task. By understanding our customers, we are able to develop the right solution at the right time, scope and quality. This is achieved by applying our proven development methods and tools which in combination with the right team and competencies provides you with the right solution – first time, every time.

We increase the productivity of your production system

We help optimise the production systems for the benefit of your delivery security, quality, growth and profit. This is achieved by innovating your value adding activities while reducing risk and complexity. We base our approach on a detailed understanding of your current production system - through digitalisation and data collection, we are experts in finding areas for optimisations to release full business potential.

Eltronic has specialists in:

  • Production systems architecture
  • Logistics, flow analyses and simulations
  • Cost out, rationalisation and efficiency
  • Value stream mapping
  • Digitalisation and business intelligence

Less is more – reduce complexity and risk

We combine standard technologies into our concepts to create unique solutions for our customers


We develop sustainable competitive advantages by introducing flexibility and scalability into our concepts based on manual, semi- or fully automated production systems. Our concept engineers are specialist in incorporating standardised automation technologies in order to deliver high performance as well as cost effectiveness.

Eltronic has specialists in:

  • Development of manufacturing technologies
  • Flexible and scalable automation solutions
  • Facilitation of innovative development processes
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) and product architecture
  • Visualisation and outlining of concepts and storyboards
  • Technical documentation and user requirement specifications

Our specialised competences and extensive experience make Eltronic your preferred partner during development and design of your future production system.

We innovate your production system

By combining the right competences, experiences and tools in creative and structured processes, we are able to analyze existing systems and develop new standards for competitive production systems.

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Jakob Stepping Pedersen

Director, Concepts