We facilitate idea creation

All of our solutions are rooted in your production reality. Through business analysis, we develop strong concepts and spot the optimization opportunities of your production.

Our specialists are trained and experienced in finding new ways of increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving the working environment of your business. However, we do not base our ideas on gut feelings. If you ask our advice on the optimization of your business, we will always base our answer on a thorough business analysis.

Optimization based on business analysis

By analyzing and assessing the business of some of our customers, we have uncovered the following potentials.

Based on thorough analysis

Our business consultants prepare solid business cases and strategic roadmaps. In cooperation with you, we choose the right concepts for further development. We work with both greenfield and brownfield projects.

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We analyse your production focusing on

 Design for manufacturing of products and components

 Production IT architecture

 Assessment of the implementation of new production technologies

Bringing ideas to life

Concept development based on well-documented models

Based on the findings of our business consultants or your own concept specifications, we bring ideas to life.

Our team of concept engineers and specialists use proven methods and models for concept development to ensure that every stone is turned.

Our concept development specialists:

  • Plan and facilitate concept development.
  • Develop and manufacture prototypes and 0-series of your product.
  • Prepare User Requirement Specifications and project execution plans.
  • Ensure that test documentation is in place.

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Our approach to concept development

Idea generation

By facilitating workshops and establishing a creative environment, we push the idea generation process forward. We make sure that all ideas are considered. Documentation is a natural part of the process.


Concept visualization

We establish a common understanding of the problem at hand by visualizing the concepts. Our designers are masters in creating sketches, 3D models, storyboards and animations.

Budget estimation

When a concept has been selected, we will prepare an overview of the project cost from start to finish. Depending on your requirements and the project in question, we include different options and versions.


User Requirement Specification

To finalize the development process, we offer to prepare a complete URS (User Requirement Specification) for the project. This makes it easy for you to take the project to the next step.

We implement Industry 4.0

Read about our approach to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

To us, Industry 4.0 is much more than just a buzzword. 

We have developed our own model on how to gradually implement Industry 4.0 in your production.


Need help spotting the optimization potential of your business?

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