We specialize in manufacturing systems

For almost two decades, Eltronic has supplied the manufacturing industry with innovative engineering, automation and service solutions.

We deliver complete solutions

At Eltronic, we offer complete solutions where we take responsibility for your project from start to finish. We can also enter into any given stage of a project - from concept development to production, installation and after sales service.

Do you recognize the following scenario?

Your production equipment or parts hereof are standing still, and your normal maintenance staff have not been able to get the equipment up and running reliably?

Contact us to find a solution

Let us take a look!

We will investigate not only the equipment but the entire production flow around the equipment.

By finding the underlying reasons for the problems, we are able to get the equipment up and running with an even higher performance than before.

Project management is one of our core competences


Good project management is one of the most important factors in a project.

But it is not always a matter of course.

Our highly experienced project managers are used to working with multi-disciplinary teams and projects - both nationally and internationally. 

We base our projects on our well-defined project model where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined in the various phases of the project - from concept development to installation and testing.

In this way, we ensure that we always deliver the agreed solution - on time and in the right quality.

See our project model below.

Project management

We value strategic partnerships

Cooperation is the key

We believe that the best ideas are born on the production floor in the meeting between people and production.

A project with Eltronic is therefore always characterized by personal contact and close cooperation with our customers.

Our suppliers are our partners

We believe in close and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers.

In this way we ensure, that our solutions always meet our high quality requirements and have been thoroughly tested.

Would you like to optimize your manufacturing processes?

Please contact me if you would like to know more about how we can help you optimize your production.

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Morten Svendsen

Vice President