Update of warehouse crane control system

Flexible and easily expandable system implemented in record time

At Scanglas, a fully operational warehouse crane is required to complete 75% of the production. As the existing control system for the warehouse crane was to be replaced, a fast and seamless integration of the new system was of paramount importance to Scanglas. Thanks to thorough preparations, Eltronic managed to implement a new system on site in only 3 days.

Up-date of existing system adding additional features

The new warehouse crane control system was to have all the same features as the existing solution, but it had to be based on a standard platform to ensure future support and expansion options. An automatic order system and a warehouse database were extra features to be added.

A final but major requirement was to reduce the implementation time of the new system as much as possible to prevent production downtime.

A new system based on standard Siemens TIA portal

To make sure that all existing features were included in the new warehouse crane control system, Eltronic started out the project by thoroughly going over the existing system and preparing a requirement specification in cooperation with Scanglas. A Siemens TIA portal was selected to replace the existing PLC Siemens S5 solution, and a warehouse database and order execution system was designed to complement the new solution.

Transparent system with expansion possibilities

With the new warehouse crane control system designed by Eltronic, Scanglas has received a flexible and easily expandable solution. The standard software makes it easy for Scanglas to get support for the system and add additional features and functionalities, if required.

The integrated warehouse database and automatic order execution system mean that errors are reduced to an absolute minimum. In addition, operators previously occupied with order execution tasks can now be released for other assignments.

The new system allows Scanglas to generate reports and analyze data and thus spot potential improvement areas and reasons for crane downtime. In this way, warehouse operations have become more transparent.

Implementation in record time

When Scanglas first came to Eltronic with the project, they expected an implementation time of about two weeks. Eltronic initially estimated an implementation time of one week, but thanks to thorough preparational work and the ability to spot potential errors already in the design phase, Eltronic was able to implement and test the new control system on site in only three days.


Eltronic's approach

Working with Eltronic has been a pleasure.

Eltronic managed to combine professionalism with high quality and service at a competitive price. The entire project was implemented within three days on-site without any problems.

I give Eltronic my warmest recommendations. 

Irvin D. Murphy, Technical Manager Scandinavia, Glassolutions A/S



To design and implement a new control system for the warehouse crane at Scanglas including all existing functionalities and adding a few extra. Major requirements to the new system was fast implementation time on site as well as a system based on standard software enabling easy maintenance and expansion.


Based on thorough investigation of the existing system combined with experience from similar projects, Eltronic designed and implemented a new control system. Based on a Siemens TIA portal, Scanglas can maintain and expand the system quickly and easily. With an implementation time on site of only three days, crane downtime was reduced to an absolute minimum.


  • Flexible and easily expandable system based on standard software
  • Automatic order execution system reducing errors and releasing operators for other tasks
  • Database enabling generation of reports to spot potential improvement areas
  • Transparent system making it possible to see reasons for downtime
  • User-friendly interface with the possibility to switch user language “on the fly”
  • Entire system implemented on site in only 3 days thanks to thorough preparational work by Eltronic

 A side benefit to the new control system is a reduction of the overall power consumption at Scanglas due to updated hardware solutions.

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