Full traceability and complete production integration

IT solution increasing production and reducing costs

In 2015, Arla Foods decided to expand the production capacity at their main facility in Upahl in order to centralize their production of Quark and Skyr. Arla Foods asked Eltronic to deliver a production IT solution. Requirement was 100% integration and full traceability throughout the entire production.

Arla Foods wanted to include all production areas of the facility in Upahl in one central IT solution. To be able to meet future demands and reduce costs used for maintenance and further development, Arla needed a scalable and reliable platform created in their own template.

A Wonderware solution
The solution delivered by Eltronic is based on Wonderware. As endorsed Wonderware system integrator, Eltronic has extensive experience with designing and implementing Wonderware in production environments.

The new solution enables Arla Foods to trace and document the transformation of ingredients into finished products. Additionally, it provides the decision-makers with information that help them understand the current production conditions allowing them to find ways to improve production.

The solution works in real-time and enables control of multiple elements of the processes. Additionally, the solution includes printers that can print dynamic values on the

products according to the data provided by the production line, such as name, weight, expiry date etc.

Apart from the Wonderware system platform, the technical foundation of the solution is built on the Siemens SIMATIC S7 series (S7-1200 & S7-1500) combined with Wonderware InTouch and MES Operation.

For Arla Foods in Upahl, the new IT solution has resulted in an increase of the production output and a reduction of production costs. Production data has been made available to assist the operators in their daily work and to enable continuous optimization of the processes. The system has been designed in Arla Foods’ own template making it possible for them to maintain and further develop the system without involving sub-suppliers.

Overall, Arla Foods, Upahl is very satisfied with the solution supplied by Eltronic. Not only was the requested production expansion achieved, Arla Foods has also obtained a future-proof production environment with full traceability.

About Arla Foods, Upahl

Arla Foods, Upahl is located in the north-eastern part of Germany and has around 500 employees. The Upahl site contains state-of-the-art production facilities. The core competences of Upahl is organic products as well as Skyr and Quark. Many of the products manufactured at the Upahl site are exclusively for the European market.

Arla Foods


8 filling and palletizing lines in quark

 16 filling and palletizing lines in milk

Line controller for standardized machine interface

 Full traceability

Automatic OEE measurings

 Printing on labels, products and pallets

Full integration from ERP to machine

Arla Foods Updahl

The site is very satisfied with the implemented solution. It adds value to our production, making processes easier and less error-prone. All production line units receive data via the automated system. The automated data collection is used as basis for ongoing and future improvements of our production.

The cooperation with Eltronic has been professional and constructive. Eltronic has reacted flexibly to changes, and the solution was implemented on time. A big advantage of running projects with Eltronic is the manpower they are able to deliver and the variety of subject areas that they cover. Hardware engineering, electrical cabinets, software development for PLC and MES solutions - everything from one single supplier.

Henning Baasch, Project Manager at Arla Foods Upahl

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