Automatic Sanding Robot

Sanding solution increasing speed and reducing costs

In cooperation with Flex Trim, Eltronic has developed a robotic sanding solution capable of sanding items at a speed 6 times faster than the previous manual process.



A customer who needed to sand large quantities of items requested an automatic solution to replace the current manual sanding process.

Major requirements

  • High-quality sanding
  • Fast and easy change of sanding strip type
  • Increased sanding speed


  • Fully automatic sanding system with high OEE
  • Flexible sanding drum interface making it possible to change sanding drum/strip without operator involvement
  • Easy adjustment of sanding parameters to ensure perfect sanding and to test new products


  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Sanding process performed 6 times faster than before
  • High level of process stability
  • Increase of production capacity
  • Significant reduction of manual work


Flex Trim is a Danish company specializing in sanding equipment for many kinds of materials. They deliver very high quality products and has more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Need to sand very large items?

Try the semi-automatic sander from Eltronic

The semi-automatic sanding unit from Eltronic is an advanced robotic solution which performs sanding of any type and size of wind turbine component.

The actual sanding process is fully automatic. The unit is able to detect the shape of the blade without pre-programming, and it is operated by one operator only who is able to control the unit simply by pushing a hold-to-run button.

Due to an integrated dust suction system, well-known issues with dust in the production facility are reduced to an absolute minimum. Compared with manual sanding, a semi-automated sanding unit will perform the treatment faster, more efficient and with a much more consistent finish.

Would you like to optimize your production as well?

If you experience demand fluctuations and the need for a flexible and modular production system, please contact me for a talk about how we can help you optimize your production and reduce costs.


Morten Svendsen

Vice President