We believe in our values

Our values are an integrated part of who we are. They form the basis of our everyday work and they guide us in the way we work with each other, our customers and partners.


Employees at Eltronic take responsibility based on a high level of ambition, where fair play, ethics and loyalty have top priority. We want to provide a technical and human experience that exceeds customer expectations.


Eltronic takes projects from idea to result through controlled processes. This is done on a highly structured and well-documented level, ensuring transparency, traceability and operational reliability. There is no room for mistakes in integrated processes.


Eltronic must show persistence. A job is only finished when it is tested, documented and delivered for production, regardless of whether it is a developmental task or a service task.


We strive to be innovative in our working methods through continuous human and technical development. All employees have a duty to actively seek to make improvements. Knowledge-sharing is a daily source of inspiration for innovation.


We aim to build up close, mutually instructive alliances with our customers and suppliers. Only through learning processes and partner relationships can the optimal solutions be obtained.

"Our values are an essential part of our organisation. They define us as a company and guide us in our work - now and in the future".

Lars Jensen

Founder of Eltronic