Digital LEAN Board (3P)

Electronic Performance Board | Production Optimization | Continuous Improvement

Transparent processes

Objective production data allows you to make qualified and cost saving decisions. The digital LEAN board is a standard software for LEAN and TPM that create visibility in the production processes.

Creating higher transparency is a strong basis for continuous improvements as you easily get detailed knowledge about efficient production time as well as reasons for and duration of production downtime.

Employees and managers can better plan production processes and act on unforeseen events as the focus on the daily goals and result is constantly accessible.



     Better use of employees and machines

     Better use of materials

     Reduced costs

     Identification of unused capacity

     Stronger basis for decision-making

     Reduced workload

Would you like to make fact-based decisions?

Henrik Daugbjerg-Pedersen
Business Development Director

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Henrik Daugbjerg-Pedersen

"The internal communication among employees has become shorter leading to better communication. This enables higher productivity and higher visibility in the production. The employees take responsibility for their job function and productivity".


Viggo Andersen (Production Manager), Kamstrup A/S

System functionalities

  • Order status

  • Operator check-in & efficiency

  • Production efficiency

  • KPI reports

  • Stoppage causes

  • Employee relevant information

  • To-do lists

  • Standard Operating Procedure

  • Log book

  • Segmented reports and charts

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Henrik Daugbjerg-Pedersen

Business Development Director