In August 2017, we are launching DIAP - a data collection tool for the production industry. DIAP is short for Data Intelligence Analysis Platform and is a compact unit that turns production data into business value.

DIAP’s value chain consist of four steps:

  1. Production shutdowns, effectivity and units over time is some of the data, DIAP collects from PLC and sensors.
  2. DIAP stores the collected data as information in a safe network.
  3. In the data analysis application, the information is accessible in real time from smartphones, tablets, and computers as useful knowledge.
  4. The newfound knowledge gives a factual basis for optimisations and efficiency improvements.

We are looking for 3-5 industrial companies, who are willing to test DIAP on their production system for app. 3 months. The trial period is free of charge, but we do request that we can use the test results for internal and external purposes.

If you are interested in testing DIAP or want to know more, please contact Jesper Rantala at / +45 2724 6003

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