We specialise in designing your technical operations

The market demands increase the need for a partner with a focus on technical operations and the ability to add innovation and new solutions to the industry.

Eltronic Pharma Engineering wants to create value where technical operations and supply-chain will become an integrated part of your company’s strategic market position. Our pharmaceutical market hub is situated in Herlev near Copenhagen and is developing rapidly.

Our experience within technical operations, GMP, and in-depth knowledge about the pharmaceutical market position makes us a strategic consultant and project partner. Our customers value systematic project model and creative solutions on their level. Our innovative and creative approach to projects makes us a valuable consulting partner in the early stages of a project. Our one stop shopping approach provides customers to pick the right package of services. We corporate with our customers under the slogan “ Lets keep things simple “.

We optimise the value chain for pharmaceutical manufacturers

The pharmaceutical markets are going in the direction of customized products for patients. At the same time, regulatory requirements for traceability, GMP, quality and transparency increase. An industry, which also has to consider requirements for smaller batch sizes, faster product development, and flexibility. All factors which have an influence on the manufacturers’ competitiveness.

Technical operations  and quality become a decisive competitive factor for success in the industry.

We focus on technical operation

Our specialist knowledge includes decision making, execution, compliance, and handover.

We posses a unique knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry

Eltronic Pharma Engineering develops and delivers computer-based systems in compliance with current regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. We deliver life-lasting solutions that are risk assessed and account for the documentation on which the system is based.

We reflect the market demands with our speciliatsion in GAMP 5. Eltronic Pharma Engineering can as system integrator provide the elements from ERP MES / SCADA and down to the PLC of each individual packing and process line. 

Our in-depth engineering knowledge is your benefit

Eltronic Pharma Engineering covers both the automation, the IT platform, and the Fill Finish, where we design technical operations within the different unit operations.

Our engineers have a solid background and experience within technical operation which enable us to design and specific the necessary equipment for your production.

All designs are executed with a strong focus on compliance and validation.

Do you comply with the new EU rules?

Serailisation includes a wide range of parties and significantly influences the supply chain. Eltronic Pharma Engineering can as system integrator take you through all the phases of a serialisation project.

A serialisation project is very demanding for large parts of the organisation. Eltronic Pharma Engineering specialises in serialisation and has considerable experience in the reorganization of work processes. We can therefore be your sparring partner, integrator and project manager throughout the entire project.

Serialisation is one of the means to get to the bottom of counterfeit medicines. Via serialisation, manufacturers will have easier access to the supply chain at a global level and when the products are scanned prior to use, hospitals and pharmacies will be able to see whether the products are original.

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