We improve quality, efficiency and productivity of your production system

To meet the production requirements in the food and beverage industry, efficient, reliable and integrated automation and IT solutions are required. Eltronic delivers in-depth process knowledge together with well-known technology, enabling production of consistent, high quality and improved production viability.

Using our long experience in the food and beverage industry, we help our customers meet the required standards and high demands - and reach satisfactory numbers for return on investment and profitability in production.

How can your company increase its production capacity?

A good product is not enough to secure your company's position with existing customers or to convince potential new customers. Eltronic enables you to optimize your production with solutions that increase your output.

Together we can enhance the capacity of your production

Eltronic’s teams of production, automation and IT engineers help you to enhance the capacity of your production. We advise you and together, we will prepare a business case that describes your current and future needs. The output of the business case shows your short-term savings as well as a solution that can easily be adapted to future requirements.

Eltronic has more than fifteen years of experience with high-end engineering, systems integration and automation. We solve individual tasks throughout the entire project and offer total turnkey solutions, which we control from start to finish.

Let us improve your plant performance by use of business intelligence

Working with business intelligence at Eltronic

Today’s food and beverage industry is dominated by a reduced profit margin per unit and at the same time, there is a growing need for optimizing the efficiency and productivity of already installed equipment. Financial payback and return on investment are no longer measured in years, but in months.

In addition to a fiercely competitive environment, our customers face other challenges such as a growing number of regulatory issues including food safety and traceability. Likewise, manufacturers demand production at the lowest possible cost and the shortest possible production and changeover times, which many existing control systems have not been designed to meet. Meanwhile, major supermarket chains are becoming more dominant, forcing producers to implement traceability.

Innovation is a matter of course

Eltronic has specialized in implementing individual automation systems into a plant-wide network. This often allows us to design solutions that will result in significant benefits, in terms of either throughput or flexibility.

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Claus Sass Hvass

Business Director

Case: Automated production secured optimum flexibility

A competitive price and a safe, hygienic production decide whether your product gain the customers’ favour. A good product is not enough to secure your company’s position with existing customers or to convince new potential customers.

This is the reason why one of Norway’s largest ice cream makers, Hennig Olsen Is, optimized their production with an automation solution consisting of four Delta robots and customized grabbing equipment. This solution increased the output by 25-30 % and the company has been able to reduce the number of employees on the packing line. At the same time, the solution has been prepared for future expansion and, for example, handling of new products or distribution methods.

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