Innovative app adds control and overview

Eltronic has headed the development of a 5th generation dosing computer with corresponding control panel for fertilizing of fields.

For Bogballe - a Danish manufacturer of fertilizer spreaders - Eltronic has developed a dosing computer including an Android app. Read the entire case below.

Backwards compatible plug-and-play solution

The dosing computer has been developed for mounting on Bogballe's existing devices. This means full compatibility even with fertilizer distributors dating back to 1990.

The system is a complete plug-and-play solution comprising a GPS receiver with a built-in antenna and a Wi-Fi dongle that connects to the serial port and USB port of the device. 

Android app

Controlled via standard Android app

The dosing computer is controlled via a standard Android tablet with a corresponding app to control and optimize the allocation of manure. It accounts for scenarios like field ends and wedges.

The solution shows that it is possible to successfully integrate new and advanced features in an existing system.

The solution fully exploits the many advantages of a standard tablet such as

  • state-of-the-art graphics
  • touch-screen
  • a familiar user interface
  • internet function with direct access to the spreader tables, instructions, navigation, e-mails, weather forecasts etc.

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