Sanding Robot Cell

Automatic Sanding Robot

In collaboration with Flex Trim, Eltronic developed a robot sanding solution to increase output and to spare workers from the taxing sanding process done by hand. The result was a robot cell capable of sanding items at a speed approximately 6 times faster than the previous manual process.


Flex Trim is a Danish company specializing in sanding equipment for many kinds of materials. They deliver very high quality products and has more than 20 years of experience in the field.



A client, processing large quantities of items wanted an automatic solution to replace their current manual sanding process.

Major requirements where:

  • High quality sanding
  • Quickly change between sanding strips types
  • Higher output (faster sanding)


  • Fully automatic sanding system with high OEE
  • Flexible sanding drum interface, making it possible to switch between sanding drums/strips without operator involvement.
  • HMI: easy adjustment of sanding parameters to ensure perfect sanding and to test new products with specific parameters


  • Fever operational costs per product
  • High level of process stability
  • Increased production capacity
  • Reduced hard manual labour significantly

Sanding very large items?

Then take a look at the Eltronic SAS: Semi-Automatic Sander:

The semi-automated sanding unit from Eltronic is an advanced robotic solution, which performs sanding treatment of any type and size of wind turbine components. The actual blade sanding process is fully-automatic the unit is able to detect the shape of the blade without pre-programming, and it is operated by one operator only, controlling the unit by simply pushing a hold-to-run button. Due to an integrated dust suction system, well-known issues with dust in the production facility are reduced to a minimum, and as a result, the working environment is significantly improved. Compared with manual sanding, a semi-automated sanding unit will perform the treatment faster, more efficient and with a much more consistent finish.

Would you like to optimize your production as well?

If you experience demand fluctuations and the need for a flexible and modular production system, please contact me for a talk about how we can help you optimize your production and reduce costs.


Morten Svendsen Nordli

VP Production Systems